MONSTER Exhibition is the 6th edition since its first exhibition in 2013. This open call exhibition is known for the showcase of “KAIJU (MONSTER)” arts. Artists have been selected to show their art work at 8/COURT (Shibuya, Tokyo).The“KAIJU(MONSTER)” theme will incorporate the metaphor of The Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Some artists expressed their feelings through this disaster.
However, the artists are free to interpret the metaphor.We can see not only the expression of disaster but also expressions of humanity, politics and self-expression. It mirrors what happened through the filter of “KAIJU(MONSTER)”. We opened MONSTER exhibition to different mediums such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, design, movies and graphic.

Openning Party : 14th March . 2019 19 – 21h
Exhibition period : Open 14 – 26 March . 2019 12 – 19h Closed Sunday
Place : Concept Gallery PAULINA’S FRIENDS Gartenstr. 114, 10115 Berlin-Mitte


Yoshiaki Komatsu
Ryosuke Kawahira
Akira Iwata
Yuki Kubo
Ayano Yoshida
Tetsuro Tomonari
Naoya Doi
Ochi Shunsuke
Daiki Fujimori
Akaike Ryoto