After observing every animal on the earth, I tried to remove the attractive personalities that they possess.Then, it became strange figure that four legs were attached to only one sphere.But it was too fantasy and unrealistic.So I tried to give that strange shape realistic and realistic details.Then it became a creature with a pleasant feeling of strangeness, whether it exists in reality or is a fantasy creation.
ORBY honored me with the admiration that “”there may be strange creatures that no one knows in reality yet.””
Through ORBY, the door of “”a yearning to an unknown creature”” that you probably held as a child will open a little.And I hope it is a return of happy memories for you.”



[北村 隆介]

Established in FUKUOKA in 2017. Producing and selling character works such as apparel and miscellaneous goods, mainly handmade stuffed toy. “Backcountry” of a shop name is a term used for skiing and mountain climbing, etc. It is “unexplored course”. We continues our creative activities with the aim of being a personality character rich in nothing else.

Born in SAGA. I am influenced by mothers who are good at sewing, I grew up in an environment familiar with creative activities. After graduating from high school, I learn communication art, and continue to present works through music, paintings, designs and so on. After that, I gained experience as a graphic designer / creative director and founded Backcountry. My masterpiece is ORBY.