Saki Murakami


この度はMONSTER Exhibitionに参加させて頂きましたこと、大変感謝致します。普段から「怖可愛い」をテーマに様々なキャラクターを描いている私にとって、今回の企画は非常に挑戦し甲斐のあるテーマでした。

About my works:
As the characters I usually draw are ‘cute and scary’, I found a lot of value in the theme of, and am really grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this year’s MONSTER Exhibition. Using 0.05mm lines, I wanted to express the dynamic ‘energy’ that monsters posses. I hope that you enjoy and are able to feel the strength of my creations―brought to life through the tip of my pen.

Saki Murakami
東京在住 京都市立芸術大学 卒業
2014.06 個展 sakirhythm / Gallery219
2014.08 個展 Saki Murakami Solo Exhibition / ロサンゼルス The Hive Gallery
2014.10 sakirhythm × 東京スクリーム・クイーン映画祭 / UPLINK
2014.12 Behance Japan Portfolio Review #6 / 渋谷ヒカリエ -fontworks賞 受賞
2015.05 デザインコンテスト Be a Samsonite Designer -テーマ賞 受賞

Bio and Awards:
Saki Murakami
Artist, Graphic Designer
Graduated Kyoto University of Arts
2015/05 – Samsonite Luggage Design Contest, Winner all-Japan Prize
2014/12 – Adobe Behance Japan Portfolio Review #6 (Hikarie, Shibuya, Tokyo), fontworks Prize
2014/10 – Scream Queen Film Festival, UPLINK (Tokyo)
2014/08 – Exhibition, The Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, California)
2014/06 – Exhibition, Gallery219 (Omotesandou, Tokyo)